Thursday, January 21, 2010

TFH's First Giveaway: Gorgeous White Vase

FruHo is planning a  party.  Well, duh, she's always planning a party - metaphorically, at least - but she's actually actively planning one large open house and one small and hopefully elegant dinner.  The large open house will be like many of the past events you've read about here: heavy hors d' oeuvres and buffet supper with cocktails and foolishness.  More to come on that one next week.

But the dinner....well, that will be something else entirely.

You see, the dinner is being held to celebrate.....  Um.  How to explain.  The Frugal Hostess is holding a dinner party in honor of.... Well, in honor of some new tableware that she acquired from The Frugal Mother.  TFH will sort out the guest list and other nonsense later, but right now she's completely focused on eight crystal compotes and a set of pot de creme pots.

As the guests of honor, the compotes and pots will, of course, need to stand apart from everyone, er, everything else.  Not that they need much help.  They're stunningly beautiful.  The compotes are slightly smaller than a DVD in diameter, each perched on a crystal stem.  They are the perfect vessel for a decadently overflowing shrimp cocktail.  And the pot de creme pots are white porcelain with gold edges and rims, and tiny gold bean-shaped handles on the lids.  They will be filled with pot de creme de chocolate.  Or Jello Instant Chocolate Pudding.  One or the other.

With such knockouts on the table, the centerpiece will have to strike the precarious balance between being attractive and distracting.  The centerpiece will have to be, if you will, the bridesmaid to the compote/pot de creme bride.  After spending hours surfing websites doing important research on this topic, The Frugal Hostess found these Dansk vases on a website that sells bar stools, of all things. 

What do you think?  FruHo's got her eye on that big one in the middle, and it's 30% cheaper at that bar stools site than the department stores she looked at.

In fact, The Frugal Hostess likes it so much that she's giving one away!  To enter, leave an idea for what should go in either the compotes or the pot de creme pots in the comments, and a winner will be chosen at random Sunday at 6PM EST.

UPDATE: The contest is closed.  Congratulations to the winner, Karen!

The Frugal Hostess just posted her first giveaway - how exciting! Are you going to comment, or what?

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  1. Why I think a variety of Macaron's would be perfetto ; )

    Congrats on your first giveaway! Mwah!

  2. Compote. Sounds like a fancy pants french name for compost. Then they got gold beans for handles and you gonna put some pot in them, get everybody high and serve them jello chocolate pudding when they get the munchies. Sounds like a par-tay.
    Don't know what a Dansk vase is. I think it is a city in poland though. Wouldn't mind having one for myself. I could put pot in it...or compost.

  3. The compotes should hold candied almonds, and I think the pots de creme should hold a spicy or savory sauce for dipping fried oysters.


  4. Congratulations on your giveaway! I think the pot de creme idea is adorable! Perhaps a very dark chocolate pudding or even a frozen hot chocolate (something unexpected)! All the best!

  5. Hooray!
    Something very colorful in the compotes, like... chicken salad with peppers, or broccoli salad with cranberries. Or, like we would do at grandmother's, put ice cream in it with fancy cookies.

  6. How about Raspberry Sorbet as a color contrast to the chocolate that will be in the pot de creme pots. It would also be a nice addition to heavy starters and cocktails.

    Cool blog, by the way--it's my first visit.

  7. Mixed berries. Simple, but the colors will help accent the crystal.

  8. Love the new treasures! How about a butterscotch creme de pot in the darling pots and for something entirely different, fill the compotes with crushed ice, top with tiny glass dishes filled with one perfect scoop of caviar. Serve blini on the side for a super glamorous first course! Of course, we would buy the super cheap caviar at the grocery store, but the effect...oh the effect!

  9. Love the ideas so far! I'm especially fond of the raspberry sorbet idea. I have a recipe for lemon ginger sorbet that would fantastic as well.

  10. The compotes would look fabulous filled with Strawberries Romanov. You probably should go to L'Madeleine's on Abernathy to do research for this. I know when I lived in Atlanta, I needed to go to L'Madeleine's fairly often for research/business meetings/reading/scrapbooking/plotting. I concur that chocolate is a must for your pots.

  11. First time visitor.........thanks to Paula!!

    Let's see the beautiful compote maybe some gorgeous fresh rasberries. And the pot de creme pots should hold something chocolatty with and addittion of some real whipped fresh creme. So original I am HA!

  12. Pot de creme - how about filling with the Barefoot Contessa's "berries with hot white chocolate"?

  13. I See Yummy Choc. Pudding with shavings of vanilla on top.....

  14. Scallops Ceviche for the compotes--Julia's chocolate mousse for the pot de creme.

  15. I agree with Erika...yum. Congratulations on this first giveaway.


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