Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's Pretend It's New Year's Day

Well, here it is - January 21, and The Frugal Hostess has done none of the things she had planned for you.  There's a good reason, of course; The Frugal Daddy has spent most of the month in the hospital, and FruHubs has been working out of town for most of the month, and, you know, most of the month has swept by like so much dust in the wind.  The good news is that FruDad is much better.  To celebrate, let's pretend it's New Year's Day again.

Come on over, and we'll eat some lucky food to guarantee a prosperous year. 

How about some greens?  These are the flipping best greens you could ever eat.

No greens?  Well, what about Hoppin' Johns?  Hoppin' who?  TFH knows what you're saying; she never heard of that either.

Alright then, have some of this.  This is the best macaroni and cheese you could ever eat.  Even though the shells are the wrong size.  And not macaroni at all.

And, the piece de resistance, a deep-fried ham.  Yes, you heard correctly.  Deep fried.  What? 

Thank you for celebrating New Year's Day at The Frugal Homestead, and thanks for your prayers for FruDad.  The Frugal Hound will show you out.

The Frugal Hostess is gearing up for a new year!  What's that you say?  The year is 21 days old?  You've got to be kidding.  Well, come on over to Facebook and Twitter anyway.

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  1. Mac/Cheese Looks Great!!! Being The Good Jewish Girl I would Love To Come And Celebrate The Recovery Of FruDad. Everything Looks Fab But We Might Only Be Able To Enjoy the Mac/Cheese But Look Forward To Sharing Your Company. Big Daddy Has Been Missing Savannah And We Have A Very Special Gift For Her. Can't Wait

  2. Patti - FruHubs made it from a Lee Bros. recipe, and it includes tomatoes. Or, IMHO, toma-noes (in this case). TFH prefers her black-eyed peas plain over white rice. The reviews were mixed, with most people thinking the beans should be doubled. That errant bone comes from a ham hock, I believe.


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