Thursday, February 11, 2010

Introducing Miss Prissy Britches

Do you have a four-year-old in your life?  If you don't, The Frugal Hostess strongly suggests you find one ASAP.  Four-year-olds are the best.  They are smart enough to do things for you and too dumb to realize you are bossing them around.  They are still giggly wiggly mushy little balls of cute, but they also have taste in shoes and favorites colors and all manner of predilections that will crack you up.

FruHo's four-year-old is her niece, Miss Prissy Britches.  MPB and TFH are cut of the same cloth - both big fans of dresses, shoes, and getting their way - so they get along like peas and carrots whenever they are together.

Here's a sample conversation:

TFH: Miss Prissy Britches, I'm coming to see you this weekend!

MPB: [in her most dramatic, excited voice]: You're coming HERE?  To see ME?  THIS WEEKEND?!?!

TFH:  Yes, yes I am.

MPB: Well, what are you going to wear?

TFH: I'm bringing jeans and sweaters and tee-shirts.

MPB: What about your dresses?  Aren't you bringing any dresses?

TFH: Not this time.

MPB: You've GOT to be kidding me.

(Did FruHo mention that Miss Prissy Britches is four?)

One of the best things you can do with a four-year-old is make cupcakes.  Naturally.  They love to help and have adult jobs to do, like cracking eggs and unwrapping Hershey kisses.  Miss Prissy Britches loves to say, "What's the next step, Nanan*?  What do I do next?"  They also love to eat cupcakes.

Here's a great recipe for chocolate cupcakes from the Pioneer Woman that The Frugal Hostess made with Miss Prissy Britches last weekend.  It's delicious, for sure, but most delicious is having a four-year-old around to lick the spoon.

*Nanan is the New Orleans word for godmother.  Clearly a corruption of some variety, everyone in TFH's family calls their godmothers Nanan and the godfathers Parrain.

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  1. TFH needs a baby right away--maybe two or three or eight Maybe TFH could become the TFOM-The Frugal Octo-Mom. Then you could teach us how to feed eight children with a package of Ramen noodles and one green onion and lots of water.

  2. If I could have eight babies as cute as Miss Prissy Britches, I would totally sign up for OctoMom-hood.


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