Monday, March 22, 2010

Living in Season: Spring

Happy Spring!  Here are the fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Things you should look for at the thrift store:

Fourth of July decorations - especially because these are usually hopelessly dorky, so you will need to look long and hard to find some that don't suck.

Awesome winter clothes - swim against the tide, Fruglistas.  Everyone else will have their heads turned by sun dresses, and you can score!

Beach toys and towels

Camping gear - if you're into that sort of thing

Dishes you can use outside - metal or plastic tableware that won't break but isn't disposable.

Things to give some thought to:

1.  The Fall holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Decorative Gourd Season.  Where are you spending them?  If you're hosting, start looking for cool stuff for your table and guest room.  For extra credit, you might want to start a tear-sheet file of recipes, decorating ideas, etc.

2.  Getting a pedicure.  Or giving yourself one. Just don't show us your corn cob heels and yellowed naked toenails.  Unless you want to.  But everyone will gag.  You've been warned.

3.  Cleaning your ceiling fans.  Since they will soon be pressed into service, dust those suckers off.  You could probably fill a compost bin with all the nasty dust currently resting on The Frugal Hostess's fan blades.  Take a sheet and spread it over any beds or other furniture under the fan.  Using a fuzzy duster, rags, or socks on your hands, rub that grody dirt frosting away, letting it land on the sheet.  When you're done, wrap the sheet up, shake it off outside, and move on to the next room.

What else would you add to the "things to do in Spring" list?

photo by taberandrew
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  1. Don't know where you got your in season vegetable list but it must be far south of here.

  2. Decorative Gourd Season? For some reason that turn of phrase just tickles me. I'm going to see how many excuses I can come up with to say it.

  3. I'm staring at my corn cob heels and feeling very sad. Do you have a favorite remedy--aside from one of those things that takes corn off the cob.

  4. I always enjoy changing out the closets this time of year with the spring/summer clothes.

    Although, with the weather we've been having in Atlanta, I need both sets. :-)

  5. The list of seasonal food is meant to be very general, since my five readers live in different places. But maybe it is more wrong than right and less helpful than I thought? I can't remember the site I found it on, but this is a hot topic on these here intertubes, so I have no doubt you can google a list that meets your needs.

    On corn cob heel, hopefully our new healthcare system will provide a remedy, but until then (and this is gross): Put your feet in hot water with some oil mixed in. Use your fingernails to scrape off the dead skin after it softens. Then use a washcloth or pumice stone to "polish" or smooth out your creepy feet.

  6. Re: corn cob heel. Would used motor oil work? That would be a sustainable choice would it not?


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