Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here are some things that have been happening lately.

1.  These weird fairy phantom mushrooms pop up in the same spot in the backyard every day, but they don't hang around too long.  They are like apparitions and usually disappear within an hour of being seen, only to return again the next day.  The tops look like the gills of a mushroom without the cap over them, and you can see through them (which may not come across in the picture).  Does anyone know what these are?

2. FruHubs is out of town, and The Frugal Hostess misses him something fierce.  However, she has been delighted to redecorate the house in his absence.  FruHo does something like this every time he leaves town, because FruHubs likes to mull over decisions like this for years a while.  If he's gone, she can just get on with it.

3.  It's 796 degrees outside.

4.  The palm leaf plate is definitely decomposing quickly in the compost pile.  See?



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  1. If you followed Lemony Snicket, you'd know that those 'shrooms are Medusoid Mycelium. Be very careful around them.


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