Friday, January 13, 2012

Dry January

The ingredients for a Honey Badger.
Like a lot of people, The Frugal Hostess celebrated A LOT over the holidays.  Basically, the weekend before Thanksgiving through January 3 was a total free-for-all involving too much booze, too much sugar, and too much too much.

In a very American move of counter-extremism, TFH is attempting to re-set herself by not drinking at all during the month of January.  She does this every year to greater and lesser degrees of success.  This year has actually been easier than she suspected, most likely because her liver has waved a white flag and surrendered.  But, being on the wagon won't stop FruHo from thinking about delicious cocktails.

Here's one FruHubs recently invented, called the Honey Badger.  (If you were living on a desert island in 2011, here is the original honey badger video.)

2 parts Bulleit bourbon or Redemption rye
1 part Barenjager honey liqueur
Dash orange bitters
Ginger ale

1.  Fill rocks glass with crushed ice.
2.  Sprinkle with bitters.
3.  Add booze.
4.  Top with ginger ale.
5.  Garnish with orange peel if handy.

You will want to drink two or three of these, but keep in mind that they are entirely too drinkable given their high alcohol content.  Slow down, Drunky McGee!

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