Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homemade Shampoo Follow-Up

The Frugal Hostess feels that it is her duty to inform you of something. You know how she made that homemade shampoo a while back? And remember how she gave the blog version of a speech about chemicals and nature and all that?

Yeah, well, scratch that. The homemade shampoo, that is. The Frugal Hostess totally loved it at first. Her hair was clean, shiny, and great-smelling. It only needed to be washed every other day. And she was doing her urban pioneer woman thing, you know, mixing up a batch of shampoo in between pickling okra and making cheese.

However, of late, The Frugal Hostess has noticed that her head is falling off. Without grossing you out, TFH will just say that the homemade shampoo seems to be causing snow flurries to the North, verging on blizzard conditions. If you know what she means.

At first she tried that famous cure-all, tea tree oil. Nope. She also read that thyme has antiseptic properties and has some growing right outside, so thyme shampoo may be coming soon. But for now, dear friends, TFH has purchased a family-sized bottle of Head and Shoulders, and she's not itching to be disloyal to it any time soon. (Itching. Ha!)

Here's hoping no one else had the same issue with this dreadful concoction!

photo by SAN DRINO

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