Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall Things to Think About

OK, she knows it's still summer and hot and buggy, but The Frugal Hostess has been giving a lot of thought to fall parties and holidays. It's probably because of all the back to school sales. There are so many cool things to celebrate in the fall.  Here's a quick list of things you might want to do/think about/plan.

1.  End of Summer Party: The weekend before the fall equinox (Sept. 22) is the perfect time for this.  Serve really summery foods like watermelon and tomatoes; make fruity drinks; and invite your guests to wear their bathing suits.  Depending on who you're friends with.

2.  Free/Cheap Fall Decorations: Save jars and scrub off the labels (or use glass vases).  Fill with fallen acorns, those prickly sweet gum balls (what are those things called?), and/or little pine cones.  Look for fallen sticks and branches, and bunch them together in pots.  Bonus points if they have pretty leaves.  Tie a fall-colored ribbon around a smaller arrangement of sticks and either position on its side on a shelf or stand up on a table.

3.  Halloween: Lots more coming about Halloween, but for now think about your Halloween costume.  Look through your closet first.  The Frugal Hostess has been a cowgirl, a biker (in much skinnier, leather pant-wearing days), and a hippie using her own clothes.  You could also maybe pull off Holly Golightly in a Little Black Dress, a hobo with a flannel shirt, or a man/woman (whatever you're not) with some makeup.  Now's also a good time to look for costume components at the thrift store, before everyone in the world is doing the same thing.

A Note to Ho-Bags at Halloween: You know who you are.  That girl.  The one who dresses up as Slutty Nurse, Hooker Pirate Wench, Sexy Cop, or Naughty Librarian.  You are an asshole, and you make all other women feel like they are Grimace from McDonaldland. 

4.  Calendar:  There are usually three times more parties and events in the fall than in the summer, so you will need to be a little more organized if you want to enjoy the season to the fullest.  Be sure that you include things like football games - The Frugal Hostess is sometimes held hostage by her husband's football needs.  Also, look up the various fall festivals near you; that's a good way to entertain yourself and feel like you're living in season without spending a ton of dough.

5.  Fall Food:  The Frugal Household tries to be careful about eating in season and saving things for certain times of year, so TFH is getting really excited about the return of sweet potatoes and butternut squash to her plate.  Whatever your fall food traditions, it's fun to start thinking of them and building the anticipation.

photo by Micky
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  1. LMAO - hate the ho costumes. Of course, to be fair, I think a lot of the people who wear them dress more or less in that theme at all times.

    Fall is my very favorite time. Can't come soon enough.


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