Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Eat on $30 Project

The Frugal Hostess reads lots of other bloggers.  Some are funny, some are serious; some write about business, and some focus on politics.  Some are even about her very own family.  But the ones that are always fun to read are the food blogs. 

When The Frugal Hostess read this post on Running with Tweezers, she knew she couldn't sit this one out.  In addition to being moved by the fact that those on public assistance get only $21 a week for their food, she feels like an exercise in food frugality will be good for her blog and her figure.  Also, it will hopefully help FruHo prove to the doubting haters (you know who you are) that you can eat a mostly organic diet without going broke.  We shall see.

Stay tuned this week for a run-down on the trials and tribulations of the Eat on $30 Project, or follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #eaton30.

photo by 96dpi
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  1. So happy to be doing the Eaton30 project with you. Can't wait to see & read about what you cook up this week! Def going to be a challenge for me!

  2. Good luck! I'm doing it too.

  3. Shew, a challenge for sure! Love the post. Can't wait to keep reading your updates (and everyone else's- so impressed already at all posts!) - good luck!!


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