Sunday, October 4, 2009

Limoncello Update

So, remember a while back when The Frugal Hostess made all kinds of booze treats?  They had to sit and mellow, then get sugar added, then sit for another six weeks.  Well, Dear Readers, today was the day that the various booze treats were unveiled.  And, since it's football day, The Frugal Hostess had some willing tasters to help her out.

Item One - Limoncello

The Frugal Husband: Uh, that's tart.  [Takes sip.]  That's really tart.  [Makes face.]

The Welder: Yeah, that's real tart.  [Slams back whole glass.]

Mr. Francalotta: [Makes face.  Gags.  Coughs.] That's, um, tart.  [Pours remainder out into spittoon.*]

The Frugal Hostess: [Takes small sip.  Gets instant heartburn.  Remembers that she doesn't care for limoncello.]

Item Two - Raspberry Lemonade

2oz limoncello
1oz raspberry liquor
1oz homemade grenadine
Shake with ice; serve up.

The Frugal Husband: This is like the free shot we get at darts. [Laughs nervously.]

The Welder: [Slams back whole glass.]

Mr. Francalotta: Um, that's better.  [Makes face.  Gags.  Coughs.]  [Pours remainder out into spittoon.*]

The Frugal Hostess: [Remembers that she totally loves raspberry liquor.]

*Spittoon = empty glass.  There isn't a real spittoon in The Frugal Homestead.  Yet.

Item Three - Raspberry Limoncello Mojito

2oz limoncello
1oz raspberry liquor
1oz grenadine
Muddled basil or mint leaves.
Shake; pour over crushed ice.
Top with soda water to taste.

The Frugal Husband: Are you trying to get us drunk?

The Welder: What's in this?  [Slams back whole glass.]

Mr. Francalotta: Uh.  [Makes face.]

The Frugal Hostess: [Remembers that she adores mojitos.]

Item Four - Apricot Vanilla Cordial

The Frugal Husband, The Welder, and Mr. Francalotta: [Take sips.] GROSS!!!

The Frugal Husband: That's terrible.

The Welder: That's disgusting.  It reminds me of when my brother tricked me into eating a block of unsweetened chocolate, and then punched me in the face.  [Does not slam back whole glass.]

Mr. Francalotta: [Makes a face not unlike when someone tastes poison for the first time.  Face sticks in that position for approximately five minutes.  Face relaxes into a more recognizably horrified face.]

The Frugal Hostess: [Takes sip.  Finds concoction delicious.  With an aftertaste of Band-Aids.]

Item Five - Lime Cordial

The Frugal Hostess had a small sip of this in the kitchen and, finding it to taste like nail polish remover, didn't give any to the boys.

The lesson?  You need WAY more sugar syrup than the recipe calls for, and you should only drink limoncello in a cocktail.  Otherwise, gross.
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  1. OH dear. May I recommend that you just flavor some vodka? Much more forgiving.

    Good luck with the house full of dudes. I recommend that you get the Welder involved in a game of gin rummy for cash and fleece him while he's tipsy.

  2. Oh Anon, how you make The Frugal Hostess laugh and laugh! Alas, The Welder high-tailed it out of here after his team won their game. But next time....

  3. You know what else is nice? I've seen recipes for using vodka as a base for lavender water and the like: using cheap vodka as the alcohol base in homemade perfume. Also good for pickling sour cherries or plums. If you've got several of those nasty plastic bottles and aren't interested in more limoncello experiments, I'd recommend it.

    Lavender likes hot southern climes, but requires (absolutely REQUIRES) good drainage. Pot it with sand in the bottom of the pot over pebbles, then dirt.

    Personally, I've got to figure out how to grow elderberries. The flowers are exquisite in alcohol, and the berries make nice wine. Well, that or I need to get a 12 step program for my cheap-a$%, drunken ways.

  4. TFH has lavender growing but no elderberries. But, wow, yum. Elderberry liquor + champagne = heaven.


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