Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wherein THIS Blog Post Saves a Life

Has it really been since August 23?  Really??? Yikes.

There's been a lot going on in FruHo land.  Because she recently saw some bloggers comparing a list post to an exercise for slow kids, and because she just cannot physically resist picking a scab like that kind of comment, and because she is herself a slow kid, here is a mother-trucking list of things for you to read.  

1.  FruHubs was away for all of August.  All of it.  Plus a bit of July.  Thumbs down.  Although, it did bring in some cash.  The Frugal Hostess started the month with a lot of goals: redecorate the house; lose 20 pounds; write a book; and many other things.  Results?  Actually, a good bit of redecoration, such as it was with a budget of no money; a loss of 5 pounds that were probably due to a particularly long sneezing fit; and, well, not much else.  A good bit of the time was spent dissolving into tears at least once per day.

2.  One of the cool things that happened was FruHo got asked cajoled convinced encouraged to start a line of artisan candies.  The details are still being worked out (like, does she really even want to do it?), but a lot of mental energy has been expended and kitchen time logged in service to this idea.  How does Rosemary Rock candy strike your virtual palette?

3.  Another cool thing was picking pears with Concrete Jungle.  A longer post is long overdue about this, but these two guys pick unwanted fruit (like apples on the off-ramp) and donate it to food banks.  They could not be cooler, nicer, smarter, or better, and it would be quite ideal if you were to click on over there and give them a couple of bucks.  They don't have huge expenses, so don't worry if you don't have a huge donation.  In case the post never materializes, you can see a photo album here.

4.  TFH did a lot of dog-sitting and traveling to see family, all of which was fun but time-consuming, further excuse for the lack of posting.  And now, the hellishly hot and just generally miserable month of August is over, and everyone can get on with their lives.

5.  THIS JUST IN: A certain hilarious and talented blogger is dealing with some heavy shit right now, and The Frugal Hostess urges you to think about her as hard as you effing can.  Please.  UPDATE: All good, folks.  There is no doubt that this blog post, and the subsequent good vibes, completely saved the day.  Great job. 

Anybody want to write a guest post?  The Frugal Hostess is eating a lot of beans right now.  Musically enough.  So there aren't that many great recipes to report.
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  1. Thanks FruHo-ishness. Your vibes worked big time.


    I would like to do a guest post. Do you hire goofballs?

  2. Your fruit picking guys reminded my of this website: It's for sharing fruit from trees around the neighborhood!

    I'll do a guest post. I'll divulge my top secret recipe for "Neighborhood Fruit Delight".


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