Friday, September 24, 2010

Calling All Food Bloggers

First of all, if you are a food blogger, why are you reading this blog?  The Frugal Hostess never runs a recipe that isn't fraught with errors.  And mayhem.  Unless it's FruHubs Food, in which case the recipes are delicious but always brown.

But second, if you do happen to be a food blogger, and you do happen to be making the fatal error of spending your time here, The Frugal Hostess would like to tell you about something super extra cool and exciting.

November 8-12 is Social Media Atlanta.  For five days, all across the Atlanta metro area,  participants will have the opportunity to attend events designed to showcase Atlanta’s involvement in social media across many different industries as well as state and local governments, communities, and cultures.  While the agenda is listed on the website, there is an event that hasn't gone up yet, one that is perfect for food bloggers!

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, SMATL will host a food bloggers' panel and - get this - urban picnic at The Hub.  Bringing together the very best online foodies, online eaties (like that new phrase?), and the Atlanta Street Food Coalition, this promises to be an utterly EPIC event. 

But ssshhhh, don't tell anyone yet (yeah, right).  Because first, Social Media Atlanta needs to fill the panel with food bloggers.  Can you dig it?  If so, please email FruHo (frugalhostess @ or her friend StephHo - just kidding - Stephanie (info @ to raise your hand.  TFH promises not to cook anything.

The Frugal Hostess reminds you that there are panels and events for every type of social media enthusiast, so check out the agenda and reserve your (mostly free) tickets. 
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