Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to Take a Free Vacation

The Frugal Hostess is in Napa.  Yes, that Napa.  The one in California where all the wine comes from.  Are you wondering how "Napa" works in the same sentence with "frugal"?

Well, Dear Reader(s), here is how that works:

1.  Work really hard in a career for 10-15 years, and then chuck it to start your own business.  During a recession.  Obviously.
2.  Make sure that business is 95% web-based -- like, all of your output and deliverables can be emailed or posted in the cloud.  See The 4 Hour Work Week for ideas and details.
3.  Also make sure that you are still somewhat poor, don't have kids, and have an awesome husband.
4.  Then, when opportunity knocks, answer!

Ha!  Easier said than done, right?  And yet, it is currently being done, in that exact way, by The Frugal Hostess herself.  Now, obviously, not everyone can do this in exactly the same way: the plane ticket was free, the hotel stay is free, and the food is free for FruHo because of the particular job she's doing.  But, FruHo suggests that anyone can swing some kind of free.  To whit:
  • She got a free wine tasting at Uncorked for checking in on FourSquare.
  • She bought a ticket to see Margaret Cho using points.  That is free to FruHo.
  • An old friend bought her dinner at a fabulous restaurant. She only protested a tiny bit.
  • The city of San Francisco is throwing a free [BAD ASS] bluegrass and folk festival today!
 What are some other ways to put some complimentary into your trip?

The Frugal Hostess insists that you come hang out on Facebook. What? Like you don't already spend three hours there a day.
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  1. Did you go to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass? Paul will be SO jealous.


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