Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Say You Wanna Be a Documentary Star

The Frugal Hostess hasn't reviewed this book yet, because she is still reading it, but Off the Grid by Nick Rosen is an interesting look at the power grid in the US and the people who choose to live outside its reaches.  Well, as it turns out, the creator is planning to make a documentary about people who are just beginning their off the grid lifestyles, and he needs subjects to feature.

As Rosen said in a recent email, "Hundreds of Americans every day are choosing to move off the grid.  Some are motivated by money (or the lack of it), some by fear (of social or environmental collapse).  Others just want to get away from consumer society.  The film is about real people who have made the choice to move off the grid – it is not an experiment, or featuring someone who is just changing their life for a year to suit the film-makers."

If you are interested in being featured, you can contact him at  And TFH would love to know about you, too!

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