Monday, April 18, 2011

Dobermanplasty. Yes, seriously.

The Frugal Hostess received this email today:

Leave it to "Star Trek," "Lord of the Rings," and HBO's "Bored to Death" to bring ears back into fashion…”elf ears,” that is.  They should be healed in time for Christmas, so working with Santa Claus is an emerging job opportunity. 

According to Dr. Grant Stevens, a board certified plastic surgeon based in Marina del Rey, Calif., (, getting ears reshaped to resemble a pointy elf's opens up a host of problems.  He’s nicknamed the procedure, “Dobermanplasty,” as it is very similar to getting that breed of dog's ears docked. 

In addition to the fact the some people who do elf ears are unlicensed and therefore prohibited from using anesthesia (it hurts!), infections can occur destroying the ear because of its limited blood flow, and the procedure is practically non-reversible.  If you require glasses, they could be difficult to fit.

Dr. Stevens predicts that just like the never ending requests for tattoo removal, the demand for reshaping the ear back to normal will be booming as well.

FruHo believes it stands alone, with the following addition: WTF?

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