Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Extra Cool Thing on Friday

you have a bajillion followers and 36 fan pages.  you answered questions on quora before anyone asked, and the glitterati follow your every move on plancast.  you can text with your toes, and your ipad checks in on foursquare by itself.  you are so social you tweet in your sleep. 

use your power for good.

join us on friday, april 15, for a 24 hour social-thon to raise money for the american red cross for disaster relief in japan and elsewhere.

who: vitrue, hive marketing, digital atlanta, barracuda networks, and others

what: social-thon

huh?  modeled after the old school telethon a la jerry lewis, we’ll gather heavy hitters in tech and social media to use their well-connected networks for the benefit of raising money to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in japan.  participants will form relay teams to tweet, facebook, and otherwise rally their digital troops around the clock.  the team that raises the most money will get serious bragging rights and their donation matched by vitrue, up to $5,000. 

relay teams will be treated to yummy food, refreshing adult beverages, and game-layer fun with prizes along the way, as well as the opportunity to put their all-nighter skills to the test while raising cash for a very important cause.  what more could a self-respecting social media addict ask for?

when: april 15-16, 2011 | 5.pm – 5.pm | 5.pm – 12.am at strongbox west | 12.am – 5.pm on your own

where: strongbox west | 1736 defoor place | atlanta, ga 30318

why: to benefit the american red cross for earthquake + tsunami relief efforts  in japan

how: [you can help]

join a relay team!  each team will have a unique url to track your donations, and you are free to use any and every method at your disposal to raise money.  except bank robbery.  email susan.barry@hive-marketing.com to sign up.

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