Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Say You Wanna Be a Documentary Star

The Frugal Hostess hasn't reviewed this book yet, because she is still reading it, but Off the Grid by Nick Rosen is an interesting look at the power grid in the US and the people who choose to live outside its reaches.  Well, as it turns out, the creator is planning to make a documentary about people who are just beginning their off the grid lifestyles, and he needs subjects to feature.

As Rosen said in a recent email, "Hundreds of Americans every day are choosing to move off the grid.  Some are motivated by money (or the lack of it), some by fear (of social or environmental collapse).  Others just want to get away from consumer society.  The film is about real people who have made the choice to move off the grid – it is not an experiment, or featuring someone who is just changing their life for a year to suit the film-makers."

If you are interested in being featured, you can contact him at  And TFH would love to know about you, too!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Imagined Interview with Lucinda Scala Quinn

The Frugal Hostess was invited to interview Lucinda Scala Quinn today as part of the publicity around....well, around a few things, it seems.  Here's a (quite impressive) bio from the information her publicist sent:

"[Quinn is] author of MAD Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys, Lucinda's Rustic Italian Kitchen and an expert in Italian culinary traditions. Lucinda is currently the executive food director for Martha Stewart Living, co-host of "Everyday Food" on PBS and has her own show "EatDrink" on Martha Stewart Living Radio on SIRIUS channel 112 and XM Radio 157."

Fun, right?

Know what else is fun?  A whirlwind eleven-day trip from Atlanta to Napa to San Francisco to Concord to Las Vegas back to Atlanta.  While fun, it made The Frugal Hostess so very, very tired.  So tired, in fact, that she slept right through the interview that was scheduled with Lucinda Scala Quinn.

Whoops.  Embarrassing and horribly unprofessional, right?

Well, TFH is going to try to make it up to you.  Lucinda Scala Quinn, on the other hand, will probably never forgive this indiscretion, but then again, LSQ may not have even noticed.  LSQ is probably so busy with her seven jobs (see above) that she could care less what FruHo does.  Anywho, here is The Frugal Hostess's imaginary interview with Lucinda Scala Quinn.


TFH: Lucinda Scala Quinn, thank you so much for your time!  My readers will be so interested in your tips for the holidays, so let's not waste any time.  In fact, I'm going to stop wasting my time repeating your three names - which do not roll off the tongue, BTW - and call you LSQ.  'Kay?

LSQ: [speaking to someone in the room] Why is this person talking to me?

TFH: LSQ, I see here that you have written two books.  Writing a book is my life's great dream, which I prefer to thwart by writing a blog that vascillates irresponsibly between cooking, crafting, and leftist politics.  How did you find a publisher for your books?  Could you give me her name?  What about your agent - will you make a virtual introduction for me?

LSQ: [laughing wryly] Are you seriously asking me for career help when you're supposed to be interviewing me?

TFH:  I watched the Thanksgiving episode of Mad Hungry on the Hallmark Channel.  It is totally obvious that Martha is taking over the Hallmark Channel in her bid to beat Oprah to total world domination.  You with me on that, LSQ?

LSQ: [picking up a cell phone and calling her publicist]  Who is this wack job I'm purportedly being interviewed by?  This is an outrage. 

TFH:  OK, LSQ, last question.  What is your favorite sweet specialty cake that is a holiday tradition in Italy, and is being introduced in the U.S this season?

LSQ: Bauducco Panettone.


Please note: While this interview did not actually take place, the part where FruHo slept through it did.  LSQ, please accept The Frugal Hostess's sincere apology.

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