Monday, March 26, 2012

Visiting Canada

Despite the fact that The Frugal Hostess seems all worldly and sophisticated, she really isn't.  She's really just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world.  She took the midnight train going anywhere.

Wait.  Not that.

But she is a small town girl.  In fact, although she spent many years working in the travel business, TFH never even left the continental US.

She is so ashamed.  Don't tell anyone, OK?

This sad and pathetic situation was remedied in January, when FruHo was hired to do a consulting project in British Columbia.  Here are some pictures from her trip.

This man's shaving thing showed up in The Frugal Hostess's luggage when she landed.  She did not pack it, and it does not belong to FruHubs.  Ew.  How did it get in there???

These weird fruits were part of a fruit plate TFH ordered on one of her first days there.  What the hell are these little guys?  As it turns out, they are gooseberries.

FruHo got arrested.  Just kidding.  These are Mounties.

Curling is a real sport.  TFH was just as shocked as you are.

It wasn't too snowy, but when it snowed - hoo boy!

Canada has teensy, tiny little oranges.  FruHo calls them clemen-tinies.

Canadians are very serious about musical security.

It is really beautiful in British Columbia.

Even the big ole tanker ships are pretty in their own way.  As well as ginormogantic.  Those are grizzly bears swimming in the foreground.  Just kidding.

The native people of Canada are called First Nations.  That seems like an awkward turn of phrase, although it's a cool name.  Here are some totem poles.

FruHubs ate 17,426 Japa-Dogs.  This one has strips of nori (seaweed).

The end.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My "To Do" List: Yay for functional tattoos! The Frugal Hostess is recently back from a two-month stay in Canada and busy planning, planning, planning.  The weather in Atlanta feels like early Spring, which makes it seem like the possibilities are endless and time in infinite supply.

An abbreviated list of plans in the works:

  1. FruHubs' birthday.
  2. FruHubs' next two art shows.  One of these is MAJOR.  So exciting!
  3. Finally, at long last, after 10+ years of trying, a Kentucky Derby party!!!
  4. DIY furniture projects - wing back chair, making a couch out of an old trunk, and more.
  5. Bedroom redecorating.
  6. The mother of all vegetable gardens.

What are you planning right now?