Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogwarming Party

In honor of the new blog, The Frugal Hostess offers some ideas to help you with housewarming:

Think comfort foods that remind you of home.*

Tomato Basil Soup
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Pickled Vegetables
Ice Cream Sandwiches Ahoy

Arnold Palmers - iced tea and lemonade
Arnold Palmeroskis - iced tea-flavored vodka and lemonade
*leave a comment if you'd like the recipes.

Easy Decorations:
U-Haul chic - use what you have.

- Turn your yet-to-be unpacked boxes into tables by covering with cloths.
- Twist brown paper packing wrap into abstract blossoms. Tie with colorful ribbons and stick into wide-mouthed glass vessels.
- Fill tall glass cylinders with packing peanuts; arrange in sets of three.
- Tie up napkin rolls with twine.
- Use duct tape and Sharpies to label cups.
- Stack small boxes in groups of two and three down the middle of your table, broken up with candles in different colors.

Housewarming Gift Ideas:
Cheap but thoughtful gestures of welcome.

Condiment Kit - One of the worst things about setting up a new house is that you're missing all of the condiments you built up in the fridge over time. Fill a basket, bucket, or box with four or five condiments from the grocery store - frugal, and appreciated!

Cleaning Certificate - For a twist on your childhood standby, offer your friend two hours of your time for organizing, laundry-folding, sweeping, or whatever you do best/hate least. Write down three specific dates and times for him to choose from so that this gift actually gets used. A nice variation: take her kids for two hours so she can get something done without interruption.

Neighborhood Scoop - For someone new to your hood, type up a page of tips and suggestions with phone numbers, websites, directions, etc. Include library, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. After you do this once and buy a few nice folders or envelopes for it, this is an easy, ready-made gift that takes very little extra effort.

photo of box by ahhyeah; condiments by corporatemonkey

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  1. This is very clever. You might also include the names and phone numbers of things like handypeople of known reliability, lawn services (including kids who are willing to mow the lawn), etc.


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