Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday To-Dos

The Frugal Hostess, as she's mentioned, is a planner. And, since she's cheap, it makes sense to do a lot of advanced planning if she wants to make things herself or look for supplies at garage sales. Here are some of her to-dos for the next week:

1. Start vanilla and vinegar for Christmas gifts. They each take about six months of sitting in the basement. These are super cheap and easy gifts to make, and they are actually useful, unlike some of the CPC that people give as "gesture gifts." TFH will look for cool bottles to put them in at her regular thrift stores.

2. Think about Halloween decorations. Look through craft supplies to see what Halloween items are there. Flip through old magazines for ideas.

3. Pick a date to host a Midnight Supper party. This will most likely be in late September so that dinner can take place outside. Maybe look at a full moon night?

photo by Joe Lanman


  1. I highly recommend ebay.com for cool containers and vintage Halloween goodies - and I want to come to the midnight full-moon supper!

  2. Another good homemade gift is Limoncello. It takes a little more than a month to make right but can be done in two weeks for an emergency. Just need fresh lemons (cheap!), Everclear (or vodka), sugar and time to soak.

  3. The Frugal Hostess is thinking that she will make limoncello for the midnight supper and invite both of you!


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