Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decorating for the Holidays

So, are y'all getting sick of Christmas posts yet?  The Frugal Hostess kind of is.  What she means is, you know, she's been working on DIY XMAS since August, so it gets old at a certain point.  However, here is yet another DIY XMAS post.  This one is about decorating your house.

Basically, The Frugal Hostess would like to advocate the use of all of the stuff you have when it comes to the Christmas holiday season.  If you have been the recipient of a pile of Lenox Christmas china serving pieces, put them out and use them.  Don't think you have to wait for a party.  Seriously, what are you saving that freaky Christmas tree-shaped dish for?  And your reindeer wine glasses?  Dude, drink some wine out of them!  Life is too short!

Even if some of your Christmas items were gifts not exactly to your taste, don't let that stop you from putting them out.  To be frank, there is NO SUCH THING as tasteful Christmas decor.  It's like Las Vegas - awesome, fun, inspiring, and glorious - but not, just not, tasteful.  Sorry. 

But not really sorry.  Because, isn't that freeing???  Put all your tacky Christmas shit out and revel in it.

Five ideas:

- Put something in the bathroom that guests will use.  TFH gave her trailer park bust collection a compliment of winter scarves, but you know what will work the best.

- Display something cool in an unexpected place.  FruHo put her bad ass nativity scene, made in the Philippines out of recycled newspaper, in the foyer on a really cool antique school desk. 

- Decorate your kitchen or bar with those random holiday serving pieces.  Don't leave them in the box - even if you don't use them, they make a cool display on a side board.

- Use Christmas pictures of your friends and family as decorations.  Those snapshots can be framed and spread around for maximum holiday impact.

- Put a couple of little things everywhere.  Even if they're in your private dressing room, a Santa or Snowman here and there can help you enjoy the holidays.

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  1. Just so you know, I could never pee in your bathroom with those busty things in scarves staring at me.
    Oh, are they soap?

  2. As a Jew, I've never really gotten the whole nativity display thing but I L-O-V-E your recycled newspaper one! I want one!


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