Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Reflections

You may have noticed that The Frugal Hostess didn't have a lot to say about Thanksgiving.  It was not for lack of love for the holiday.  Rather, TFH had no idea what she was doing for Thanksgiving until the very last minute, so she didn't do a lot of advanced planning.

OK, can we talk about this for just a sec?  TFH is a planner.  Plan-plan-planny-plan-planner.  Like, she would totally love to plan out how every moment of every day would be spent.  Obviously, that's not realistic (but dare to dream...), but she would at least like to have plans for major events - holidays, vacations, family visits.  When FruHo doesn't know what the plan is, she feels like she's going to hyperventilate and freak out and, perhaps, die.  Or, you know, come unhinged.  In the extreme.

The Frugal Husband, on the other hand, comes from a long line of non-planners.  FruHubs feels the tightening of a noose around his neck every time FruHo asks what the plan is.

Neither one of them is wrong.  (Except The Frugal Husband.)  But this disparity in planning skills is why TFH had no idea what she was doing for Thanksgiving until a week in advance.  Which was enough to make TFH want to scratch off her own skin.

Well, as it happened, Thanksgiving was had at The Frugal Homestead, and many lovely and charming guests attended.  Here are their thoughts.

1. If you were a Thanksgiving side dish, what would you be?

Eclectic Georgia: Cranberry sauce - sweet yet tart
Birds and Cherries: Sweet potatoes!
Ty Period: Cranberry sauce. Sweet and fruity.
Toni: sweet potato pie
FruHubs: Dressing (stuffing)

2. Who’s a better cook, The Frugal Hostess or The Frugal Husband?

EG: ouch....I think you're better with baking and candies for sure, but FruHub can indeed cook
BnC: I'll never tell
Ty.: Duh hubby! :)
T: Fru-ho (no bias there), but Fru-band gets honorable mention!!
Fubs: Duh, that’s an easy one.

3. How many times can The Frugal Hound lick you before she gets to the Tootsie Roll center?  

EG: ha!  One?  I gave her turkey without any lickings!
BnC: eleventeen
Ty.: (a one...a two..) THREE!
T: I am a Tootsie Roll center! (Existentially, a centered Tootsie Roll.)
Fubs: 14

4. Did the Birthday Book accurately predict your weekend?

EG: no
BnC: eh, not so much
Ty.: Yes I got moody but overall stayed positive.
T: Read after the 3rd glass of wine, I dunno.
Fubs: nin [Editor’s note: What the hell does that mean?]

5. Describe a Manhattan cocktail in six words.

EG: Damn!  Strong!  Wow!  Damn again!  Cough!
BnC: delicious, sophisticated, drunk-inducing - that's only 4 because it got me drunk
Ty.: A little goes a long way.
T: You should run for your life!
Fubs: A real one, or that Thanksgiving one? Shit, out of words.  I would say boozy and good.

6.Don’t you agree that the Rosemary Onion rolls taste better without the blue cheese topping?

EG: didn't try them with
BnC: Actually, the blue cheese topping was better without the rolls
Ty.: Yes
T: Very tasty with, but the blue cheese competed more than complemented all the other flavorful sides and the turkey. If you ever prepare with beef, however, I’d keep the blue cheese.
Fubs: Yes

7. How many fried turkeys does The Frugal Hostess wish she had?

EG: 2
BnC: eleventeen
Ty.: Two more for Xmas?
T: If you get too many we’ll have to call you ‘fried-turkey-ho’ instead of ‘fru-ho’!!
Fubs: At least two.  Next year we will smoke and fry!!

8.  What was your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? 

EG: Meeting new friends
BnC: sharing it with cool peeps - good times!
Ty.: Food and camaraderie
T: Meeting everyone, relaxing, eating, discussing, and surviving the cats! :)
Fubs: Frying a big ass bird

9.  What was your least favorite thing about Thanksgiving? 

EG: Not playing all girl Rock Band with [name redacted]
BnC: the above-referenced drunkenness
Ty.: Couldn't see all family and friends.
T: Sorry to the cats … (I’ll know to double-up on my OTC allergy drugs beforehand next time.)
Fubs: The [team name redacted] sucking so bad

10.  If Thanksgiving was a costume party, would you be a pilgrim or an Indian? 

EG: duh, Indian!
BnC: Indian - 'cause I love wearing feathers!!!
Ty.: Indian
T: A Cleveland Indian!!!
Fubs: Pilgrim because everyone wants to be an Indian.  Plus, I can bring you all the gift of small pox and broken promises.

The Frugal Hostess is married to a pilgrim.  Hmm.  Please comment. Or come and rescue her.

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  1. Pilgrim is definitely the way to go. Clunky black shoes are so stylish and refreshing.

  2. I am down with the plan-plan-planny-plan as well, thus, I heart you.

  3. How could anything be better WITHOUT blue cheese?

  4. Well, that explains the beard.


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