Sunday, April 11, 2010

DIY Paper Spring Flowers

See these paper flowers?  What do you think?  The Frugal Hostess really wanted these to be more wan, maybe more delicate and less bright, cheerful, eager and in your face.  But, you know, TFH is kind of cheerful and in your face, so what can she expect.

Back in the days leading up to the making of paper flowers, when wan and delicate were still on the table, FruHo had intended to attach these to an attractively-shaped branch from the yard and use it as a centerpiece.  She used her newly-thrifted Spring napkins as inspiration and thought about adding a couple of restrained butterflies and curling leaves.  However, the flowers turned out as they turned out - almost like the paper version of an AKA rush party (the pink and green, y' know) - and so now she's stuck.  They're still kind of awesome, just not right for the initial plan.

What suggestions do you have for making use of these flowers?  Here are the ideas TFH has so far:

Make a garland
Add to gifts and cards
Mail to young nieces
Use to make a mobile; hang in guest room
Use as coasters on a Spring-themed table

Leave your ideas in the comments, and the best one (or couple, as the case may be) will get made and posted with full instructions.

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  1. You could glue ribbon to them and use them as napkins rings....

  2. They would be beautiful on a gift or gift bag. Recipients would not notice that the actual gift was some cheap stuff.

  3. Pin to a straw and watch them spin. (Like a pinwheel.)
    Use as a boutonniere or corsage.
    I think they would work beautifully for what you origianlly planned!
    Put on a headband and decorate your hair.

  4. Make them into a piece of art, by painting a tree type thing on a piece of canvas, and attaching them randomly on the branches. Sort of like your centerpiece idea, but as something permanent in your home.

    (it'd look awesome in my bedroom btw..)


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