Thursday, April 29, 2010

FruHubs is a Farmer

Hey y'all.  The Frugal Hostess is feeling a little put out with Blogger right now, based on the recent multitude of annoying issues vis-a-vis photos.  [UPDATE: Operator error, pictures posting find now.]  So, this is really just a test post to determine if the issue is still happening.  Having said that, TFH would love any gardening advice you might have.  For example, FruMa let it be known today that you must grow mint in a pot or it will run wild and take over your life.

Whatcha got, advice-wise?

The Frugal Hostess is allergic to outside, a disappointing quality in a wanna-be farmer. Please comment. You can also join the Frugalistas on Facebook for exclusive content, follow on Twitter @frugalhostess, or subscribe so that you always know when a new post appears.
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  1. I hear you on the allergies. I'm sitting here waiting for my allergy pills to kick in so I can rejoin my wife in front of the TV and not annoy the living hell out of her with the bouts of sneezing.

    And I want to get some herbs in this weekend. So of course it's supposed to rain.

    Advice? Basil isn't a cute little herb. It's a damn bush. No one told me that before I planted 17 of them next to my driveway.

  2. I hear you allery-wise. I'm sitting here waiting for my pills to kick in so I can rejoin my wife in front of the TV without annoying the hell out of here with the bouts of sneezing.

    Advice? Basil isn't a cute little herb, it's a freaking bush. No one told me that before I planted 17 of them next to my driveway.

  3. Put herbs close to the kitchen door so you can just step out and pick them while cooking. Containers are good, too.

    At our old house, mint had overrun an entire flowerbed down the side of the garage, about 50 sq ft. It's one reason we bought the house. We harvested it for mint juleps and had great Derby parties.

    Gardening is very climate/soil specific, so I have a book specifically about gardening in this town, put out by the fancy ladies' Garden Club. I'm sure Atlanta has something similar, the Buckhead Ladies' Book of Atlanta Gardening or something.

    I also have 2 close friends who are certified Master Gardeners, so I copy off them a lot, too.

  4. Dear Farmer Ho,

    Ditto on the herbs by the kitchen--very convenient. I have thyme, parsley, and chives a few steps away from the stove.


  5. You're in a different climate but maybe you have these same problems?

    Go out every night and kill the slugs or they'll devour everything.
    Use netting to keep the birds off.

    Turns out there are a lot of plants you don't have to buy. Once you get a tomato going, you can cut off a piece then put it into water to root and voila - new plant.

  6. I agree about the mint. I have mine in pots. It comes up every year. You can cut herbs from the garden, pots or if they are a gift, and keep them in fresh water in a glass in the kitchen, changing the water regularly. They will last a long time. 1-2 weeks. I quite often buy supermarket herbs and take them out of the container they come in and split them into about three different much larger pots. They last much longer that way. Otherwise their roots are way too cramped and they die.


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