Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Denver: City of Sorrow

As she mentioned, The Frugal Hostess just spent more than a month working in Denver.  TFH lived there for five years in her 20s, so the consulting project sounded like a great way to reconnect with old friends and visit old haunts.  Sounded like. 

Here's what the weather looked like 90% of the time.  This is unusual for Denver, which typically enjoys 300+ days of sunshine every year.  Spring was always pretty with a chance of snow when FruHo lived there.  This spring was crappy with a chance of skidding off the highway instead.

Here is a list of the things that The Frugal Hostess did in Denver:

1.  Stayed in a hotel with extremely hot water.  Before you think that FruHo's problems are nice problems to have, please note that a woman was literally boiled to death in a Jacuzzi at this same hotel two years ago.  The water was so hot that her skin melted right off.  So, you know, there's hot and then there's HOT.

2.  Melted the motherboard of her laptop.  Yes, that laptop -- the only one she had, the one she used to run her business, and the one with every last thing in and/or on it.  It happened on May 6, and she still hasn't fully recovered.  She may not ever.  (TFH concedes that a melted laptop is better than a melted body).

3.  Got yelled at for doing what she was asked to do by the person who asked her to do it.  OK, that one is a first world problem.

4.  Had a bloody nose for 21 days in a row.

4.  Experienced the following three things in one day:

  • Was relocated from one hotel to another, only to find that the new hotel had no room for her either.
  • Came down with a terrible cold that still hasn't abated.
  • Discovered that the person she was training was not only rip-roaring drunk at work but also had a bottle of Skol vodka in the desk drawer.

Ergo, Denver, you can suck it.

For more about Denver, read Denver: City of Thrift and Denver: OK, a Couple of Good Things Went Down, Too.



  1. Did the person you were training at least offer you a sip? So glad you are back in Atlanta, Darling!

  2. On the bright side, you got a post out of it. Hell, from the sound of it you could get several posts just out of item #4.


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