Monday, June 13, 2011

Denver: OK, a Couple of Good Things Did Happen, Too

Oso Flaco Lake Raccoons.
It would be totally unfair if The Frugal Hostess pretended that her trip to Denver was all bad.  Even though it was.  Just kidding.  Here are the great things that happened:

1.  Discovered some fantastic restaurants.  TFH's favorite was the Squeaky Bean, which, despite sounding like a coffee shop, is actually named after the sound of fresh green beans when you bite them.  The food was inventive, and the specialty cocktails took up half the menu - always a good sign.  FruHo and Hubs had great service at both the bar and a table, and they would go back every week (day?) if possible.  Some of the delicious offerings included Bob White quail wrapped in bacon; sweetbreads; and duck rilletes.  Some other great ones were Duo and Tag.  Duo is owned by an old friend and truly amazing.  There is an especially interesting wall made of old windows suspended from the ceiling, and Duo house cures some of the best olives TFH has ever tasted.  Tag a sort of Sushi + Continental place.  There is a Surf and Turf roll there which is to die for.

2.  Went thrifting.

3.  Attended the Tennyson Street Art Walk.  The Frugal Hostess has been to many an art walk, but none were ever as fun as this one.  It was huge, spanning several blocks in the Highland neighborhood north of downtown Denver.  Many of those blocks were full of shops, adding a much appreciated retail element to the evening (sorry, FruHubs).  Every place had some sort of refreshments - cookies, wine, lemonade, etc. - and there was plenty of live entertainment.  The music store even had about 15 bluegrass players parked on the lawn jamming.  There was a gang of people dressed as Big Bad Wolves roaming the sidewalks, and the weather was perfect.  TFH will admit that there wasn't a huge amount of art to see, but the whole night was just magically delicious and really fun.

4.  Miss Georgia Sugar and other friends.  It was so great to catch up with old friends and meet their new children.  In particular, Miss Georgia Sugar's daughter has grown into a delightful little fairy of a person.  

5.  There was a raccoon strolling down the sidewalk like he was just grabbing a jacket out of his car.

6.  The Frugal Hostess bought an awesome cowboy shirt at one of her long-time favorite stores, Cry Baby Ranch.

So, it wasn't all bad.  Here are some of the pictures The Frugal Hostess took.

For more about Denver, read Denver: City of Thrift and Denver: City of Sorrow.


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