Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Posts of 2011

Four Lads Greatest Hits
Lots of folks around the blogosphere are running their "greatest hits" posts over the holidays, which The Frugal Hostess has really enjoyed.  It's always interesting to take a look back over the year, and there have been several posts TFH would've missed otherwise.

This gave FruHo the idea to do the same thing here.  So, without further ado, here are the top three posts of 2011!

1.  Slow Carb Recipes that Tim Ferriss Would Like.  FruHo went on the 4 Hour Body/Slow Carb Diet in early 2011, and FruHubs came up with some really great recipes for beans.  Being an adoring wife, TFH took full credit for those recipes in a blog post that she then titled in the most blog traffic-whorish way possible.  So, you know, just ignore this post, unless you're looking for bean recipes.

2.  Do You Know About This?  This post is about one of the year's best developments, Birchbox.  If you like makeup, beauty products, and/or mail, you will like this.

3.  The Ultimate FruHo Guide to Houseguests.  Oooh, this should have been re-posted before the holidays.  It's good advice.

While this one didn't have quite as much traffic as the other three, it was definitely The Frugal Hostess's favorite post of the year.  Please enjoy, "FruDiddy and the Lost Bread."

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

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