Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Pack for a Long Trip

The Frugal Hostess has finally mastered the art of packing.  At least for a long trip.  (Short trips are much harder to pack for because of the shoe to outfit ratio.)  Here's how she packed for a three-week business trip.

So, here are her best tips.

1. Lay the pants in first, across the bottom of the suitcase with the ends hanging over the sides (see above).  Line the waist of each pair of pants up with the inside corner of the bag, alternating sides so that you have pants hanging off both sides.

2. Fold your jackets in half, and put them on top of the pants.  If they are longer than the length of your bag, curve the bottom hem up the side of the bag.  Your goal here is to fold your suits as little as possible to avoid wrinkles.

3. Roll your shirts and other clothes.  That doesn't mean fold them and then roll them.  FruHo knows this because she tried it that way.  Unfold them, or take them off of their hangers, and then fold them in half.  Roll them up, and then fill the remaining space in the suitcase.

4.  Then flip the pants over the top and zip that sucker up.

TFH got quite a list of items in this bag.

6 two-piece suits
9 sweaters
11 shirts
6 tanks
2 jeans
10 scarves
Bag of toiletries
Bag of jewelry
Overcoat (went on top of what you're seeing)
Two hats
Two pairs of gloves
Sports bra
Bag of tights

And that is that. Oh, and not to worry, there was an accompanying smaller suitcase full of shoes and underwear.

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