Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Teensy Tiny Little Things

The Frugal Hostess bought her niece a dollhouse for her birthday and has since become obsessed (re-obsessed, if she's honest) with miniatures.  Also, the Bloggess's haunted dollhouse has inspired FruHo to create a dollhouse for herself for her future children and/or godchildren.

Some examples:

These are part of the Christmas decoration set that the Frugal Hostess made for her niece's dollhouse.

These are champagne cork chairs that make excellent dollhouse patio furniture.

TFH recently cut the tips off of the fingers from a pair of mittens to make fingerless gloves for typing (see also: FruHubs, won't turn on the heat), and she's saving them to use as ski hats for dollhouse inhabitants.  Is this going too far???

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  1. Oh my Law, FOR YEARS I've been obsessed with The Bloggess' haunted doll house. I've studied the pictures like a stalker. I love the attention to detail.

    So I do not think saving the fingerless glove nubs for doll hats is going too far.

    Quite the is AWESOME!


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