Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For One Night Only!

The Frugal Hostess has ants in her pants, both literally and figuratively.  The literal ants are actual ant bites all over her right leg.  Except they are flea bites.  Because the dad-gum fleas are back.

Figuratively, the ants are excited ones, because FruHo is participating in a cool event tonight.  Ever on the cutting edge, the Lady Rogue Business Network has put together a jumble sale of sorts for members.  Despite not really knowing how to make or sell anything, TFH has decided to hang out her shingle and go for it.

You can purchase such delightful treats as:

Baby's First Permanent File

A Small Bag of Bees

Bad Tidings: Christmas Cards that are Downright Rude

The Frugal Hostess will also be selling some cool and unusual housewares from her shop, TFH Vintage.  There will be antique cocktail shakers, vintage linens, and retro accessories for the modern hostess.  If you live in Atlanta, you should definitely swing by!

Oh, and did you hear the part about free wine?

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  1. Well, the google account ate my first comment, so I'll try this again! I get a giggle out of your blog and thought I'd share a way to get rid of fleas. Here's a link to help you out--

  2. Brilliant! We have used Borax on the carpets before, and it really does work. Thanks for the great articles!!!


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