Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cooking from Scratch

The Frugal Hostess would be a pretty crappy hostess indeed if she didn't welcome her new visitors from How to Cook Like Your Grandmother.  Welcome!  Have a beer!  And while you're here, enjoy some posts about cooking from scratch.  

FruHo and FruHubs (OK, mostly FruHubs) have whipped up some great meals that your grandmother might have prepared.  FruHo's grandmother would probably not have ever prepared any of these things, as she's more fond of congealed salad, sliced tomatoes with mayonnaise, or fried shrimp take out.  No matter --The Frugal Grandmother's talents lie elsewhere, namely in being extra, super, spectacularly awesome and well-dressed.  

While you're here, feel free to enter the BeFunky photo contest, and please come back soon!

Seriously, thanks for stopping by, or thanks for coming again if you've been reading.  It just brings a tear to the usually cold-hearted FruHo's eye.

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