Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poor Man's Potluck

Here's an idea.  When all of your friends take the day off work to watch the USA play in the World Cup, and then you meet them for beers only to discover that you will never, ever be able to communicate on the same level due to their day o' beer versus your day o' coffee, the best idea would be to have everyone go home to grab their rotten rotting super-ripe vegetables.  Right?

Wait.  What?

OK, so, last Wednesday, FruHubs and the Pie-Making Carpenter and a bunch of other people packed the neighborhood watering hole for a day packed with soccer.  They all started drinking beer at 9am, while The Frugal Hostess was meanwhile typing her fingers off working on client projects.  As you know, the USA won in minute 91, the crowd went wild, and everyone was in a celebratory mood.  When FruHo arrived at, you know, the decent bar-going hour of 6pm, everyone was nice and sloppy happy. And also poor, having spent all their money at said bar for said day of World Cup Madness.

So, a group of five decided that everyone should go home and gather up any and all food items that were on their last legs. Softening potatoes?  Check.  Gigantic zucchini?  Check.  Giant sack of single-serve hummus containers?  Well, duh.  Check.  Thankfully, one guest had the foresight to also bring non-moldy cheese, and, after assembling the ingredients, FruHo and friends decided to make grilled vegetable pasta with olive oil and shredded mozzarella and a side of twice-baked potatoes.  

Except the potatoes were forgotten in the microwave whilst baking, thankfully, because they were black inside.

The pasta was fine - not breathtakingly delicious but enough to fill the void - and no one spent a dime.  And that, Dear Readers, is a great way to entertain frugally.  Particularly because none of the other guests probably even remember that the party took place.

photo by purdman1
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  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I am just now learning the value of letting everyone chip in. I don't go broke or lose my mind cooking everything and everybody is happy to help.

    xooxo, P

  2. I know, I always feel weird about potluck. BUT, we have the house most conducive to entertaining of our friends, so it makes sense for everyone to participate sometimes.

  3. Any tips on how to decide if those over-rips vegetables are still good for cooking or really have to go?

  4. Yes. I say if they don't smell funny, just cut away the bad stuff and enjoy. If there is more bad stuff than not (as in the black potatoes referenced above), do not eat. Also, you can freeze veggies that are close if you don't have time to fix them and make soup later.


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