Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog Birthday Gifts: Delayed, But Not Forgotten

Remember how The Frugal Hostess had plans for lots of extravaganza-ing in honor of this blog's birthday?  Then, remember how she got so sad and upset about the Gulf of Oilexico that she couldn't talk about anything for days and days, thus forgetting about any extravaganza-ing in honor of weeping and wailing?  Well, maybe you don't remember all of that last part, but it was not pretty.
The extravaganza-ing is back on!  Oil continues to gush, but FruHo has decided to stop punishing you for it.  Today, you can win a set of three items from the Brazilian Nut Shea Body Collection from Tree Hut.  This stuff rules.  It smells great, doesn't leave you feeling greasy or perfumey, and is made with certified organic shea.

If you win, you'll receive an 11.75oz. jar of body lotion, a 17.5oz. bottle of body wash, and, FruHo's favorite, a 7oz. jar of body butter so rich you'll still be using it when your grandchildren graduate from assisted living.  To be entered in the random drawing, leave a comment and tell everyone what you did for the Fourth of July.  Contest will end when TFH feels like it. 

The Frugal Hostess loves you.  Happy extravaganza!

Confidential to those people who feel they shouldn't enter this contest because they are The Frugal Hostess's "mother," "sister," "blog friend," or "IRL friend": You.  Should.  Totally.  Enter!

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  1. I actually didn't do anything for the 4th of July. I worked a 10 hour shift at my job, but when I got home at 2 am I made hot dogs and corn on the cob anyway. But I did wear my red white and blue! Even if there was no one else around to see me.

  2. FruHo, I live in a "bad" neighborhood. But what **is** a "bad" neighborhood exactly? If you love fireworks (and who doesn't?) this ia a *fantastic* neighborhood!! Firecrackers, cherry bomobs, M-80's, bombs bursting in air with flashes of light, rockets launched into the air raining burning debris onto the houses (have the hose ready), cars burning rubber to get away from the cops because fireworks are 100% illegal here. This went on until 3 in the morning. It was great!!

  3. Drove home from upstate New York, where we had just spend a few days meeting an online friend for the first time. Got home after dark, and ran down to the beach with the girls to watch the fireworks from our beach ... the neighboring beach ... Cleveland ... Lakewood ... Avon Lake ... Sandusky ...

    You can really see fireworks from an amazing distance down the shoreline.

  4. I did absolutely nothing for the 4th, which was great because the two previous weeks were spent shuttling my dad to medical tests, followed by a week-long hospital stay after he came down with an infection. It felt absolutely luxurious to just stay home!

    By the way, I just found this site through How to Cook Like Your Grandmother and now I'm obsessively reading the old posts. Good stuff!

  5. I went to a cookout at a friends house, then made my weekly stop at Home Depot to pick up something essential to keep my home from falling down around my ears, then dropped by my subdivisions block party.

  6. Since the 4th fell on a Sunday, I had to do my normal Sabbath activities. However, we pretended the 5th was the 4th (as did many office and government workers) and had a blast. We joined my extended ultraconservative family at a lakehouse for food and water fun. I think that I should win because my uncle (the owner of the previous mention lakehouse) has a gas grill, but is too cheap to connect the natural gas for it. So he brought out the charcoal grill, but then had trouble with the matchlight charcoal. He ended up lighting the charcoal with WD40. True Story. Although the charcoal technically was lit, the ambient air was warmer than the grill. We did eat - eventually.

  7. Really enjoyed the 4th. It was hot, so we did some swimming and stayed in the AC during the afternoon.

    Monday was especially humid; thank God for AC!


  8. We didn't do anything wonderful or fantastic. We had a cookout at my parents house and then watched all 6 grandkids jump on the trampoline. We had some wonderful yummies though, jerk chicken, burgers, dogs, brats, salads, beans. For desert we had a brownie pizza, sunshine cake, whoopie pies and of course, homemade ice cream. Sadly, the peach cobbler I baked that morning grew wings and flew out of my hands on the way out the door. :( On our way home we stopped at the cemetary to lay wreaths on departed servicemen graves, a yearly custom in my family.

  9. Since it was Sunday, we went to church. We extended our "holiday" over into Monday, and let The Boy have a friend stay over, and we mostly all just goofed off, with a bit of work thrown in. The guys all played computer games, and my own goofing off consisted of reading way too much Firefly and Chuck fan fiction and tweeting.

  10. I made breakfast casserole and homemade blueberry muffins for a couple friends. They brought champagne and orange juice over and we made mimosas.

    Then * embarrassed* to admit it I watch NEW MOON in the TWILIGHT series! :-)

  11. The weather wasn't very promising so we took our granddaughter to Rockitlanes to bowl and skate. She had neer skated before, so it was funny watching her try with her dad, who was rather rusty himself. After hours of watching, I became very bored and asked my son if I could give it a try for just a minute. We were in the lobby area and upon second thought, I decided against the idea because it would probably kill me if I fell. The minute the words left my mouth regarding my second thoughts, I bent down to sit on a bench and BAM! I fell smack down on the floor. I couldn't get up and my son informed me that he couldn't help because he had on skates. After numorous trys of pulling and proding I eventually made it. My bottom is still sore.
    When we finally left that entertainment spot, we drove to Seaside to listen to some music and watch their fireworks. It started storming so we left. However, we did watch some fireworks on the drive back when we passed Pier Park. All in all, I still had a FABULOUS day!

  12. That morning my son and I picked the last tomatoes off the cherry tomato plant in our back yard and we made a salad and talked about where all the veggies came from and why mommy doesn't buy veggies at the grocery store (ewwww they put chemicals on them? I like poop better! says the 4 year old boy child)and we made red white and blue fire cracker wands for our "parade" around the yard. after than I had homework to finish and we hung out around the house. Monday we made blueberry/strawberry pancakes and played with legos. It was nice to veg and be at home with him for 4 days.


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