Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sucky Craft Projects that Suck

Have you ever created something and been so proud of the results that you couldn't wait to share them?  The Frugal Hostess started a Valentine's Day project a few weeks ago, and it's only because her camera was on vacation in Florida that she hasn't posted about it yet.  The project is finished, or kinda finished, and the camera is back, so TFH felt today would be the perfect day to share her masterpiece with the world.

Except, when she took the results out of where they had been hiding, she realized something terrible.  This project sucks.  It is stupid and somewhat hideous.  How did it go from being awesome a couple of weeks ago to sucktastic today?  Take a look.

See, sucky, right?  These were inspired by a picture on a blog that shall remain nameless because FruHo can't remember and has searched high and low for it.  On said blog, these looked great.  The edges were slightly frayed, the circles charmingly wonky.  They were attached to chopsticks or something and meant to be flowers.  Since The Frugal Hostess has two Olympic-size containers of fabric remnants, she thought this would be an easy way to use some of them.  No, she doesn't sew.  At all.  The only things these poor remnants get used for are making finger puppet theaters, so the quantity of remnants can most certainly be entered into evidence.

What was FruHo planning to use these for, you ask?  Well, she really didn't get that far.  Maybe to top a Valentine's Day gift?

Or perhaps as a jaunty corsage?

At least they were easy.  Just cut circles of various sizes out of various fabrics.  Then stack them on top of each other and sew together with a button in the (sort of) center.  TFH found that she liked the smaller ones best; the big guys are just too floppy to do anything with.

What would you do with these crappy items if you had accidentally made them while under a spell of thinking they were cute?

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  1. First of all, I think they don't suck. If I had made them I would have thought I was a genius.

    1) Frisbee for elderly dog. (Soft for dog with no teeth and won't fly far - perfect for dog who can't run.)
    2) Yarmulke


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