Monday, February 14, 2011

Whoooo Loves You?

Another craft project failure.
[Editor's note: This blog post has been posted, unposted, and lost on the ether for a while.  It was supposed to go up on Valentine's Day, but since it didn't, enjoy it today.]

Once again, The Frugal Hostess has been unable to execute the brilliant craft project idea in her head.

To wit:

This is supposed to be a cute, cartoonish owl face.  When you open him up, his eyeballs form the Os in "Whoo," as in, "Whoo loves you?"  You know, like what an owl would say.

Tap, tap.

You there?

It did not work, so TFH won't bother you with publishing the instructions.  But those of you who (ooo) thought you were getting a Valentine?  Well, forget it.


But, actually, the first few versions were even worse.

That owl looks skurred.
And this one looks like a turkey.  Or a junkie.

Look into my turkey slash junkie slash owl eyeballs.
Happy Valentine's Day!  FruHo has no idea whooo loves you, but she's pretty sure it's not these creepy, ridiculous owls.  Best wishes anyway.

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