Saturday, February 19, 2011

Five Essential Things

The Frugal Hostess is a blogger, so she reads a lot of blogs.  That makes it easier to rip off other people's ideas.  In today's episode, TFH is copying sosser from bricolagelife and detailing her five essentials for every day.  Here FruHo's Five Daily Essentials:


1.  Blackberry.  Listen, don't come calling with your iPhone siren song.  TFH needs a phone that can actually make and receive phone calls, and an iPhone that isn't.  And the Android that she mistakenly purchased over the summer could not send or receive email.  So there goes that, "smart" phone.  Blackberry it is.  FruHo may or may not have to take the battery out twice a day to reset the acid trip flashback the screen is experiencing, but she will always love it.

2.  Whey protein shake and/or boiled eggs.  These are the only things The Frugal Hostess can really swallow within 30 minutes of waking up without throwing up.  (See: Diet, Effed Up; by Tim Ferriss)

3.  Swim cap and goggles.  This is so she can looks as ridiculous as possible at the pool every morning and/or night.  It also helps when she gets a cramp in her right foot and starts swimming like a one-legged man.

4.  Earplugs.  To sleep.  And be awake.  Silence FTW.

5.  The F Word.  This should be obvious.  If not, you have accidentally reached the wrong blog. Please check the number and dial again.

OK, good.

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