Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ask The Frugal Hostess

 On random days, The Frugal Hostess answers your questions.  
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Dear Frugal Hostess,
Who are you, and why do you only refer to yourself in the third person?
Dear Nosy Rosy,
None of your beeswax.
All the best,
The Frugal Hostess
To The Frugal Hostess:
I like to read about your ideas, but I am never, ever, ever going to implement a single one.  What do you think of that?
Defiantly yours,
All Four of Your Readers (except your mom)
Dear All Four,
Here's an idea that you can easily implement: shut the hell up.
All her love,
The Frugal Hostess

Ms. F. Hostess,

What should I use to get crayon off the wall?

Mommy of Messy Molly

Dear Messy Molly's Mom,

The Frugal Hostess recommends using the tears of small children, mixed with a liberal dose of Put Down the Bong and Try Parenting, You Moron.

Good luck,
The Frugal Hostess

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  1. You are hilarious. Expecially asking us to be nice; where did that come from? haha.

  2. The Frugal Hostess couldn't agree more.



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