Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ask The Frugal Hostess

On random days, The Frugal Hostess answers your questions.  
Leave 'em in the comments or send your email to frugalhostess AT gmail DOT com.
Dear TFH,
Who is going to win Top Chef?
Dear Claire,
Jen, as long as she never, ever wears that ridiculous side pony-tail ever again.
P.S. Can ceviche be outlawed from Top Chef, please?
To The Frugal Hostess:
Why do you use the word "like" as though it is something other than a verbal tic left over from the Eighties?  You've got to stop.
Asa Head
Dear Ass Head,
You've got to be, like, the worst question-asker on earth.  Why wouldn't you ask something cool, like, how do you make creme brulee?  Duh.  Way to waste your question, moron.
Irritatedly yours,
The Frugal Hostess
Dearest Frugal Hostess,
What does cilantro taste like?
Dear Curious,
Pick up your foot.  Lick it.  Then go wash your mouth out with soap.  And that, Curious, is what cilantro tastes like.
Frugally yours,
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