Thursday, September 24, 2009

Five Bad Things That Happened & Were Still Fun

Sorry, dudes.  The Frugal Hostess has recently been through a veritable tornado of activity - most of which she'll post about - that has precluded her from getting the words on the blog.  Don't worry, dahlinx, she's scrubbing away at several things and shall return.  In the meantime, here is a list of the Top Five Things Gone Wrong from the last week.

1.  The Frugal Hostess was having guests, and the white wine was hot and sweaty.  She shoved two bottles into the freezer for a quick cool-down.  Two days later, she found a flurry of wine stalactites and broken glass all over the Ben and Jerry's.  Frozen.  Boo.

2.  The Frugal Hostess went to a meeting in The Hinterlands*.  A Great Flood poured down.  TFH took four hours to travel less than 60 miles, and she was almost murdered by a treacherous bitch driver who had taken leave of her senses and believed The Frugal Hostess should be run off the road into a rushing river of sewage.  Thus, a medicinal Manhattan and some pate was required.
*The Hinterlands are a place that begins five miles from The Frugal Homestead and ends at infinity.

3.  The Frugal Hostess has tried and tried to adapt to her new at-home lifestyle, mostly by becoming the Laundry Fairy and doing her best to keep all the fabric in the house, you know, smelling not gross.  Alas.  The two cats, one old and one new (both j'adore able), are having a Literal.  Pissing.  Match.  All over every single clean towel.  Every.  Freaking.  Day.

4.  The Frugal Hostess and The Frugal Husband waited out a Very Big Storm at their local watering hole, with the Francalottas and other friends.  They were thankful when the power came back on, and thankful for no downed trees.  And, the next morning, mighty flipping pissed off to discover four inches of water in their basement and not a single sump pump for love or money in all of Southern Metropolis.

5.  The Frugal Hostess looked forward to the Annual Fall Festival of Crazy all year, especially after having missed it last year.  The parade, the costumes, the extravaganza - she just couldn't wait.  Except that the parade was rained out, and everyone had a hangover, and no one (and by no one she means herself) had enough money.  But it was still fun.

And in that last line, Dear Readers, is the key to the treasure.  Everything is, at times and sometimes more often, total BS.  So, please be certain that you make up your mind to have fun regardless of the ID ten Ts around you.

All her best,
The Frugal Hostess

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  1. Feel your pain. Good luck sloshing things out!

    As for the cats, try putting either vinegar or ammonia in with the laundry that they pee on. It helps a lot, because it removes the personal mark of the other cat from the item in issue.

  2. What. A. Brilliant. Idea. I, er, um, The Frugal Hostess is doing that today. Thank you so much for the great tip!


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