Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday To-Dos: It's Fall!!!!

The Frugal Hostess woke up this morning, and it was cool, cold even.  Like, she had to put on a sweater to eat yogurt on the deck!  How exciting!!!

In honor of fall having, er, fallen, here are some things to do this week. 

1.  Pick up any outdoor furniture that isn't year-round.  Or, if your stuff stays out all year, clean it.

2.  Beach toys, inflatable pools (you rascal!), bathing suits, and white shoes can all be put away.  And before you try to tell TFH that Rachel Zoe or some other fashion goddess said white after Labor Day is A-OK these days, let's just clear it up - white shoes (and by extension, purses, belts, or full-on suits) are not, nor shall they ever be, allowed after Labor Day.  For rizzle-dizzle.  Don't.  Shush.  Uh-uh.  Don't want to hear it.

3.  Pick a date in the next four weeks to switch out your closet, or decide to do it for one hour every week until it's done.  Actually, that's a really good idea, which The Frugal Hostess will use. 

Week One - Get rid of everything that is super-obviously not wearable after summer, such as that flowing white cotton sundress or your seersucker overalls.  Anything linen or really thin cotton.  Um, whatever, you can figure it out.

Week Two - Same as above for shoes.  You know, put up your seersucker shoes.

Week Three - Anything that can't be winterized wear with tights and a cardigan.  Also, any straw hats or bags.

Week Four - OK, by now it should be cold, so if you need further instruction you may want to call your mom.  Or for help.  You are clearly a couple stitches short of a winter scarf.

4.  Go online (or stay a while - you are already here), and look up any fall festivals in your area.  Those tend to be the kind of thing that you miss and wish you hadn't, so just be proactive and get it on the calendar.  If the Frugal Husband doesn't take her to a freakin' corn maze this year, The Frugal Hostess is going to get hostile.  Just sayin', Hubs.

photo by lu2shoot
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