Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Word "Swap" Sounds Funny

The word "swap" sounds funny.  It carries with it a vague film of slapping and dirt and saliva.  At least, in The Frugal Hostess's mind it does.  However, she still decided to participate in an ornament swap this year.  That kind of ended up being a stupid decision, based the amount of travel she had planned in December (19 out of 31 days, as it turned out).

However, FruHo had designed and planned her contribution before the trip, so it was relatively easy to make them when she started receiving examples in the mail and realized she was WAY behind.  TFH has been a little obsessed with quilling lately.  Quilling is like the sushi of paper crafts -- beautiful no matter how simple.  So, she decided to make these quilled ornaments.

 Here are some of the others she received.

And here is the coolest one of all.

Next year, TFH will be doing something a little more sustainable, maybe using upcycled fabric.  Until then, she'll be wishing she was cool enough to have made that paper star!

(Apologies to those ornaments that didn't get photographed before FruHo lost her camera and thanks to everyone!)

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