Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Dining Room

NOT FruHo's actual dining room.
Unlike most Americans, The Frugal Hostess does not care for an open floor plan, preferring instead a bunch of small rooms separated from each other with doors.  Or at least doorways.  Maybe the reason for this is having lived in a vast multitude of apartments without proper dining rooms.  That little section off to the side of your kitchen in the living room may be where a glass-topped table sits to collect your mail and magazines, but it is not a dining room.

The Frugal Hostess has a lovely dining room now.  It's the best room in the house.  There is beautiful crown molding and judges' paneling that FruHubs put in and really cool curtains that were super-cheap. There is art on almost every wall (three years later, the same cannot be said for many other rooms), and the furniture is all special.  There are side tables from the old Ritz Carlton in Aspen, lamps from a thrift store in Denver that have been painted and re-shaded several times, and furniture from TFH's grandmother's house.  It is the perfect mix of old and new, although it doesn't feature any modern dining room furniture.  While lovely, that just wouldn't make sense in this 1940s house (although, scratch that; this house is a hot mess of everything everywhere, so don't be fooled into thinking there is a Design Scheme, unless a la Value Village is a new school).

Anywho, despite the delightfulness of the dining room, FruHo 'n them hardly ever eat in there.  They make proclamations about having dinner at the table every night and declare wine off-limits in any other room, but they still don't usually dine in there.  Instead, they set the coffee table with cloth napkins, silverware, and wine glasses and eat while watching Netflix on-demand. 

Tacky, right?  Well, in TFH's defense, Chef FruHubs is a fan of European-style dining, wherein the food is served at approximately 9:00pm each night, so if they didn't watch TV their faces might splash into the entrees.

Where do you eat dinner in your house?  Do you eat out more than you cook at home?  Do you feel guilty about any of it, dining room or eating out or whatever, or is that just The Frugal Hostess and her strange neuroses?  Do tell.


  1. On the couch ... In front of the TV ... Wearing my adult bib ... iPhone in one hand ... Spoon in the other. Why I need to wear a bib ;)

  2. I sit on the floor in the kitchen. Why waste time walking all the way to a table when I can go ahead and start eating?? No need to be too far from the fridge, either, in case I need to get more grub.

    Your crown molding sounds nice. It might be worth the walk.

  3. Ha! Leekfixer, you just need to give Cheapskate your bib for her floor, and we will be in business! Here's an article that says people are eating at home more because of the recession, and that the trend will probably stick after the (invisible) recovery.

  4. I eat in front of my computer, which is a horrible and disgusting and sticky habit.

    By the by, your dining room sounds fantastico.

  5. When hubs is in town, we (me, him, plus the three monkeys) eat in the dining room proper family style discussing our day, blah, blah, blah. When he is gone, I let the kids eat in front of the television. I eat in a different room and enjoy a few minutes of quiet. When he is in town, we eat real meals (e.g. pork chops, corn bread dressing, green beans, salad). When he is gone, they eat chicken nuggets, corn dogs or grilled cheese and I eat a lean cuisine and we all eat a whole lotta pizza.


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