Sunday, November 22, 2009


SPOILER ALERT: If you are expecting a Christmas gift from The Frugal Hostess, this might be it.  So, look away!

OK, seriously, you're still reading.  The Frugal Hostess could not be more broke, and this is really what you're getting.

Don't say she didn't warn you.

Remember a few weeks ago when The Frugal Hostess made truffles?  Here's the recipe, and here are some pictures.

This is sweetened condensed milk with chopped up maraschino cherries.  Once you add the chocolate and ball these up, they get rolled in Dutch process cocoa.  This is the easiest version of chocolate-covered cherries you can make, and they are delicious.

This is sweetened condensed milk with chopped up jalapeno peppers in it, and it is the base of a truffle that is a work in progress.  Theoretically, you sift cocoa and a tiny bit of cayenne pepper together, then roll the truffles in that and top with a piece of candied jalapeno (cut into strips, cover with brown sugar and butter, bake for 30-45 minutes).  However, that does not taste good.  Or peppery.  Just tasted like dusty chocolate.  Any suggestions?

And this is sweetened condensed milk with ground coffee beans.  Add the chocolate, roll into balls, coat with white chocolate, and top with chocolate-covered coffee beans.

See?  Chocolate.  Yum-o-riffic.

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  1. Wow, thanks for this. Ms. Leekfixer absolutely loves chocolate covered cherries. Being flat broke our own selves this might just get me out of a jam ... or a pickle ... or something.

  2. I plan to make some X-mas goodies this year to give out to colleagues and friends - and these will be a wonderful addition to those I've already decided to make. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe - I'll let you know how they go!


  3. I always make pralines, peppermint bark, and "martha washingtons."

    But this year, I'm mostly giving out jars of jam. I made peach, cherry, and jalepeno. Well, there's some orange marmelade, too. I'm giving a jar of jam and a small loaf of quickbread (banana nut, pumpkin, that kind of thing) to each of the kids' teachers. I will probably give a mix of cookies and candy to the neighbors. I'm sending jam to my parents, and the rest of my family have agreed to ignore each other this year. We're all broke.


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