Thursday, November 19, 2009

Junk Drawer Stocking Stuffers (Episode 1)

Man oh man, have you ever been out of town on Christmas Eve, ready to snuggle up to some eggnog, and realized that you didn't bring a single stocking stuffer?  How dreadful.  This has happened to The Frugal Hostess more times than she can count, and it is not only embarrassing to "run out to the drugstore for some Pepto" while you're hanging with the in-laws, but those last-minute items really add up.  Mini bottles of nail polish remover, crazy Christmas keychains, and Livesaver storybooks do not come cheap.

This year, it will be different.  This year, you will have Junk Drawer Stocking Stuffers.

Here's what to do.

1.  Get a shopping bag of moderate size.  Really, who cares what size.  But use one that can't be otherwise repurposed as gift wrap.

2.  Loop the handles over your arm.

3.  Walk from room to room, searching through every junk drawer and random collection basket for possible stocking stuffers.  You know just the thing - a promotional pen?  Check.  Golf ball your dog found in the park?  Check.  Tiny perfume sample bottle?  Check.  Handiwipes and peppermints that came with your BBQ takeout?  Checkity-check-check.  If it's too good to throw away and has landed in your junk drawer, it is good enough to stuff in a stocking. 

In The Frugal Hostess's anything but humble opinion.

Photo by Judith Angharad
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1 comment:

  1. Where you have junk drawers, I have the stuff my kids get out of pinatas. Never underestimate the power of cheap toys to make grown ups smile.

    I tend to get things during the year with the intent to stocking stuff. That won't protect you from going out of town and forgetting your pile of crap, but it does help.

    Frankly, I love garage sales for this. I snuck vintage animal brooches with fake jewel eyes into my mother's stocking for 20 years - it's a joke between us. White elephant table at the church bazaar? Perfect. I found an antique store where you scoop a mug of antique marbles out of a barrel for $3: a few of those in the bottom of the stocking would even make grandpa smile.


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