Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holiday Round-Up

The Frugal Hostess wrote eight posts that had something to do with Halloween, and she got to thinking, "Hey, FruHo, someone may want to be able to find those all in one place at some point, like when your life becomes the basis for an episode of 'Law and Order: Special Fashion Victims Unit'.  Let's make a special place for them to live!"  Thus, she is proud to introduce FruHo Holidays.

At the moment, the site contains articles just from Halloween 2009 (which you've probably already read), but look for round-ups of each holiday as it passes.  You can also click on the links in the new section to the left, under TFH's picture.  And please feel free to make comments about how FruHo Holidays can help you more, since so many of you read this blog and immediately implement its lessons.  Ha.

Seriously, The Frugal Hostess would be delighted to know what you would like to see on FruHo Holidays.  Spill your guts in the comments.

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