Saturday, November 21, 2009

Junk Drawer Stocking Stuffers (Episode 2)

Now that you've collected everything you possibly can out of your junk drawers, it's time to look again.  That's right; go back to your junk drawers.  This go-round, you're going to pull out every box of matches you can find.  Note the word "box" in that last sentence.  You don't want any books of matches - you definitely want boxes.  The Frugal Husband fills his pockets with matches anytime he's anywhere that has them, so if your junk drawers are barren, just saunter up to your neighborhood bar and swipe a handful.  (What?  They want you to take them.)

Next, pluck out any stray buttons, safety pins, and spools of thread.  If you have to raid your sewing box, go for it.  And if the phrase sewing box is making you laugh right now, you are either a sick bastard or have never watched Little House on the Prairie.  Loser.

Why am I doing this, you ask?  Because, Dear Readers, in today's episode of Junk Drawer Stocking Stuffers, we're making match box sewing kits!  Ingenious!


Match boxes
Decorative paper (or patterns cut out of a magazine)
Glue stick
Safety pins


1.  Cut and fold the decorative paper around the match box.

2.  Glue it on.

3.  Cut another piece of paper small enough to fit inside the box.  For extra credit, cut two sides with pinking shears to mimic the look of sewing kits that aren't free.  Rad.

4.  Wrap thread around the pinked paper by taping one end to the paper, wrapping, and then taping the other end down.  The Frugal Hostess totally realizes this is a very confusing direction.  Do your best to suffer through.

5.  Add a needle, a couple of buttons, and some safety pins, and you have another delightful Junk Drawer Stocking Stuffer!

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  1. I went to a Wiccaning for an 18 month old child and I gave her a smooth rock in a match box. She loved it.


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