Friday, November 20, 2009

Junktique Sale

Here are some pictures of Junktique.

This is the rack of designer clothes The Frugal Hostess was selling.  The leftovers are going on Ebay or Etsy - anyone have a preference?

Here is a close-up of the price tags TFH made.

This is the shoe rack.  Shoes were one of the biggest sellers.  The first pair to go were the Burberry thong wedges.

There were a lot of ladies' smalls - vintage compacts, dressing table knick-knacks, handbags, jewelry, and about a hundred scarves.

She also had some assorted housewares, including three vintage travel bars and a bunch of green planters.  Where did those planters come from?

FruHo has never had more fun, or been more exhausted, in her life.  Stay tuned for her next scheduled appearance/yard sale.

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  1. Im glad I wandered into your blog...I love the name clever...wish I had thought of it! Great job Frugal.....Dianne


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